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Birthdate:Jul 2
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:On Wiki
Nymphadora Tonks is a Metamorphmagus, an Auror, and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She's gifted and clumsy, clever and impulsive (and emotional too, when you get right down to it).

For detailed information, try the wiki page for now; the bio will be filled up slowly. And now, ten relevant facts about Tonks.

10. I'm a Metamorphmagus. Just in case, that's a wizard or witch (latter, in this case) who can change his or her appearance at will. Metamorphmaguses are born, not made.
9. My mother is of the pure-blood family Black. She was disowned by her family for marrying my father; with one exception, I don't even consider them family.
8. I was at Hufflepuff when I was at Hogwarts. Was fun.
7. I am an Auror. That is, one of the folks who capture magical criminals.
6. I am also in the Order of the Phoenix. That is, one of the folks who are fighting against Death Eaters in particular.
5. I am rather clumsy at times. Doesn't seem to matter with some people.
4. I'm not very good at household spells. I think I've got that from my father. Uh... not too interested to really improve; more important things are more interesting.
3. I like the Weasley family; love Ginny, and the twins are a load of fun.
2. Never was one to run away from a fight or a challenge. Never was one to follow all the conventions.
1. Bubblegum pink is the best hair colour.

Wand: Vine, 12 1/6 inches, almost bouncy, phoenix feather
House: Hufflepuff!!!
Favourite subjects: Defence against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguraitons.
Worst subjects: Er... she had to put a lot of effort into the plant-caring part of Herbology. The plant-knowing part she was fine with.

Fics timeline: here!
RP timeline: COMING

Disclaimer: This journal is entirely and fully for role playing and fanfic-writing purpose; no infringement of rights or other misuse is meant, nor profit made. I am neither JKR, nor Natalia Tena; just developing a rather firm fascination with the character...
This journal or journals associated to it may contain adult material of sexual nature. Be warned.

For [info]theatrical_muse:
This journal is part of the fic-writing community [info]theatrical_muse.
Muse name: Tonks
Fandom: Misc Books - Harry Potter

For [info]au_muses: Introdcution for AU_muses.

Timelines and comms ([info]hp_random and [info]hp_beyond: Random!):
[info]prehpsixwords: Tonks is about four or five years old. Beware teh cute!
[info]theatrical_muse: Anything before the battle of Hogwarts. She's stuck before that for now :)

[info]au_muses: Tonks is again about 25. She never died in the battle. (Prompts and RP may jump around to earlier events.)
[info]hpsixwords and [info]writers_muses: In this comms, Tonks has just returned from being dead - shortly after the DH epilogue. Meaning she's physically about 25; if her birth date is considered, she should be 44. In this comm her third war has recently ended; Teddy got hurt in the war; Remus ([info]r_moony) and her adopted Maisie (age 6 7), and she is pregnant again.
[info]grownhp6words: Ten years after [info]hpsixwords. Tonks should be about 35; but she doesn't physically age, like the others who return from the dead. Remus and her have (after Maisie), twin girls (Andrea - [info]andreaclupin and Anna Min - [info]shy_sly_lupin) and a son (Harry /Harry Alastor [info]youngestlupin). No children after that.
[info]sixwordstories: She can be completely random for this comm; although most often she'll be nine years after [info]grownhp6words - Harry Alastor's 17. She's emotionally/knowledge/experience-wise, oh, 44. (wow!); but she doesn't physically age, like the others who return from the dead.

Oh, and SOME of the icons are gacked off photobucket, so I can't be sure about authorship...
The header is by [info]doctor_banana.

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Guess this girl is sticking around... Oh well. For those who don't know yet, and are interested to know, mun's journal is [info]kikibug13.
Please note. Mun is in time zone GMT + 2 (that's about 7 hours ahead of EST!) so... if muse is quiet, that may have to do with the time when the mun is awake, not with the willingness of the muse to play with yours. To see what time it is for me, right now? Click here.

Mun and muse (usually) are both over eighteen.

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